• The soft, double-thickness, cushioned handles fit large and small hands.


  • With universal orientation, so our tool works in either hand in any position.


  • Gently grip and bite tightly.


  • Easily match various types of pipes and bolts.


  • Fast and flexible clamping, easy and wide range.


  • Non-slip rubberized handle, ergonomic design, labor-saving, time-saving and durable.


  • The interlock mechanism converts torque load into an intelligent locking feature.


  • The multi-jaw grip minimizes distortion under load and is even great for softer materials, such as plastic, copper, and brass.




  • Model: Outer Hexagon Magic Wrench
  • Material: High Carbon Steel
  • Size: 6 Inches 8 Inches


14 in 1 Adjustable Magic Wrench

PriceFrom $24.99

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