• This unit is designed to repel flies from your table. Including electronic candle with built-in battery with switch.


  • No more nasty, disgusting bugs crawling all over your sweet treats.


  • The dots refract/bend light which scares the insects. In their little fly minds, the bending colored lights are not normal in nature and it appears dangerous to them. They will choose to go somewhere else.


  • Blades come to a stop if something touching them, then resume as soon as the obstacle is removed.


  • No harm to humans, safe for use.




  • Product Category: Mosquito Repellent and Insect Killer
  • Applicable area: Less than 20 square meters
  • Color: Black, silver, white, gold.
  • Capacity: 1
  • Package Content: Mosquito repellent fan x1



Automatic Mosquito Repellent Fan

PriceFrom $34.99

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