• Moxibustion design in face large, closed reflow.


  • Can relieve neck, shoulder, waist, leg and other joint pain, improve sleep, promote physical health. 



    Can be used in beauty salons, healthy and safety.


  • The greater the penetration of Ai's skin layer, the more absorption, no heat and no moxibustionEasy to operate.


  • Pumping, pulling, you can replace the moxaAnti-scalding designlong burning time. 


  • The tail is designed with Wuxi paper Tightly stick to the skin, close to the door is not easy to slip.




Material: PC material
Size: 36*34cm
Style Classification:

Style 1- [1 canned] coffee color (20 Aizhu + 20 stickers),

Style 2 - [3 cans 】 coffee color (60 Aizhu + 60 stickers), 

Style 3- [5 cans] coffee color delivery (120 Ai +120 +120 Sticker), 

Style 4- [8 cans] coffee color (120 Aizhu + 120 stickers).


Moxa Sticks Acupuncture Point Heating Therapy

PriceFrom $22.99

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