★Recognition of needs is the main condition of the design. The solar bird bath fountain pump is improved according to market demand. It only takes 3 seconds to start the solar panel in contact with sunlight. The battery-free model will be more environmentally friendly. The spray height is 50-70cm, and it is equipped with different rotating nozzles. You can choose the fountain water type according to different needs, which will attract many beautiful birds and make your garden more lively.

★Enjoy a variety of different visual feasts. 4 different nozzles can meet the different needs of your solar water pump for jet height or jet shape. It is very suitable for your bird baths, aquariums, small ponds, swimming pools, gardens, terraces, and lawns. , Create a truly unique water show effect. It can attract the birds to paddle happily and add more fun to your children.

★ To eliminate the possibility of damage, the solar outdoor fountain pump has improved "water shortage protection function" and "fixed device", and has been tested many times in use. If there is water shortage, idling or blockage by impurities, it will automatically switch to the protection function to reduce pump loss. And the role of fixing devices to reduce the wear of solar panels also increases the decorativeness.

★Make your garden or pond full of life and have fun! This fountain pump has a diameter of 13cm and is very light and portable. When not in use, it can be placed in any cool and dry place to stop working. It is very suitable to be placed in sinks, small ponds, swimming pools, aquariums, garden decorations and oxygenated regenerated water in spring and summer. It will become an aquarium for various birds or insects, adding fun to your garden!


  • Solar fountain, DC brushless water pump
  • Rated voltage: 7V
  • Rated power: 1.4W
  • Material: single crystal silicon epoxy
  • Working voltage: DC 7V
  • Working current: 165MA
  • Highest head: 100CM
  • Maximum flow: 180L/H
  • Pump life:> 20000 hours
  • Drive mode: magnetic
  • Spray height: 40--60cm, the spray height of different nozzles will be different. When the solar panel receives enough sunlight, the water pump will start within 3 seconds.

Packing list:
Solar fountain x1


Solar Water Fountain

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