• Insect killer, mosquito killer, mosquito killer, bat and night light 3-in-1, USB rechargeable electric fly swatter, suitable for home and outdoor strong mesh 3-layer mesh.


  • Safe to use-The outer layer of nickel-plated stainless steel mesh and the inner layer of aluminum mesh are designed to not leak electricity and resist deformation. Even if there is no risk for children or adults.


  • Easy to use and clean-This mosquito racket is easy to clean after use. The body of the mosquito will not be trapped inside.


  • Tip-Before using for the first time and after a long period of non-use, please make sure that the product is fully charged. If the bug is too big, make sure to hit the bug multiple times.




  • Applicable area: 150 square meters or more
  • Color: Purple, Gray
  • Power: 1200 mAh lithium battery

Electric mosquito swatter*1

Three-In-One Mosquito Killer Lamp


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