1. Made of food-grade silicone material, it is lightweight and durable, soft and skin-friendly, not easy to deform, fits the human body curve, and is comfortable to wear.


2. The built-in high-precision chip can accurately record the posture, monitor the change of the body inclination angle in real time, and vibrate to remind.


3. The automatic memory function can intelligently sense incorrect posture, monitor posture in real time, and scientifically and effectively help you correct unhealthy postures such as hunchback.


4. Helps correct wrong body posture of the back and shoulders, improve hunchback, develop correct body posture, protect eyesight, and reshape beautiful curves.


5. It is suitable for a variety of occasions, such as work, study, walking, reading, etc., and fundamentally help you solve postural problems.


specification :


  • Color: dark night black A8 ordinary, fresh blue A8 ordinary, charming powder A8 ordinary
  • Product Name: Smart Correction Wizard
  • Product model: MS-A8 ordinary model MS-A9 LCD counting model
  • Rated input: 5V/1A
  • Working time: about 1 week of battery life (wearing 4 hours a day)
  • Product net weight: about 90 grams (including battery and collar)
  • Function: chiropractic correction, stretch chest, improve hunchback, protect eyesight
  • Material: food grade silicone collar imported ABS
  • Charging interface: USB universal interface
  • Battery capacity: 200mAh

Packing list:


  • Posture corrector*1


Anti-hunchback Posture Corrector

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