• Form a Coating To Make It Look Like a New Gloss. After Coating, a Coating Is Formed To Restore The Paint To Its Factory State.


  • Dust, Dirt And Other Stains Are Easy To Adhere To The Paint Surface, Which Will Make The Paint Surface Dirty. Now, It Has a Lotus Leaf Effect After Coating, Which Can Improve The Self-Cleaning And Hydrophobicity Of The Coating Surface.


  • Improve Hardness, Reduce Scratches, Form a Protective Layer After Coating, Reduce Or Avoid Scratches Caused By External Forces, And Reduce Paint Damage.


  • High Temperature Resistance, No Burn Marks, Can Effectively Resist Oxidation And Discoloration Caused By High Temperature After Painting, And Make The Paint More Shiny.


Automotive Car Coating Spray

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