• Cup holder design reasonably use the edge of the seat aperture, concise and beautiful.


  • Two cups base suit to put four size of the bottom of the cup: 88mm / 85mm / 75mm / 69mm.


  • Fit most beverage sizes and have center storage for cell phones, meet the different needs.


  • Seat wedge cup holder, keep your drinks and phone stable.


  • Durable plastic material for years of use and easy cleaning.


  • Great for organizing items, such as cups, cell phone, pens, drinks, etc.


  • It is convenient for the driver and passengers. Beautiful and harmonious does not occupy the space inside the car.


  • Material PP, the whole piece height 210, working surface 280*100, 2 cup seat diameter 90, hole depth 60. The inside of the cup seat is designed from top to bottom with four sizes of cup bottom diameter, 88, 85, 75, 69 More types of water drinks can be placed to prevent swaying to a greater extent! ! The middle square should be the sundries 90*50-60.


  • The hole depth is 60. You can place small items such as mobile phones and cigarettes. User-friendly is the small hole with two pens.



  • Material: Plastic
  • Applicable Parts: seat back
  • Color: Black, Beige, Brown
  • Size: 21*28*10cm


Car Cup Holder

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