• The fingerboard is a device that trains the fingers to separate and stretch, and to keep the fingers in the correct position.


  • To use the fingerboard, you need to fix your fingers on the fingerboard with a fixing strap.


  • Make the fingers detached and stretched.


  • It should be removed when worn for about 20 minutes.


  • Prevent finger flexion convulsion, bend or atrophy.


  • This Finger separation plate is a traning which helps that can separate with stretching, keep your finger in a correct function of instrument.


  • To keep your finger correct position, preventing contracture deformity and used in patients with hemiplegia, such as cerebral palsy, tetrapegia hand cramps.



  • Product Category: Rally
  • Choose according to fitness effect: Muscle relaxation
  • Color: Blue
  • Package: Male and female finger trainer x1

Finger Corrector Board

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