• This product can only be used as a measurement for gardening, planting flowers, etc. It cannot be used as a measurement for scientific research and other aspects that require high accuracy.
  • For soil moisture measurement, it is a good helper for gardening
  • No need for batteries, easy to use, working principle: The soil moisture of the plant is measured by the electrolysis value of organic nutrients in the soil, and the probe can be read by inserting the probe into the root, without batteries. (Note: the soil should not be too loose or No nutrition)





  • Type: Single Needle Soil Moisture Meter
  • Scope of application: flower pot gardening and flower planting
  • Material: plastic + stainless steel
  • Size: 26*5.5*3.8CM


1. When using, be careful not to touch the stone when inserting the electrode, and do not use too much force, otherwise it will easily damage the electrode.
2. Wash the electrode in time after use. (It is strictly forbidden to directly extend it into the water for measurement).
3. It cannot be used in the soil for a long time! to avoid damage.


First insert the probe as deep as possible into the soil, about 3/4 of the way into the probe. Measuring range 1-10 values, values 1-3 DRY are dry, values 4-7 MOIST are suitable, values 8-10 WET are wet. Please adjust the soil moisture according to the species of plants.

Packing list:


  • Moisture hygrometer*1




Flower Soil Moisture Meter

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