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  • Boys or girls gifts - flouresent glow-in-the-gark stars room space decorations - outer universe full of stars and planets on night childrens playroom walls. Luminous vinyl realistic mural planes set
  • Fairy starry decoration sticker - many children small boy or girl scare thedark and do not sleep in the nursery. Put up on celling luminescent stars murals and baby will love asleep along


specifications :

Material: PVC
Main component of fabric: PVC
Main ingredient content of fabric: 100
Sub-component of fabric: paper
Function: Beautify decoration
Number of pieces: 1 piece
Wall sticker style: flat wall sticker
Wall Sticker Type: Graffiti Wall Sticker

Specifications: zsz1395-B, zsz1395-C, zsz1395-D, zsz1395-E, zsz1395A


Size Information:


  • Packing size: 10*10cm

Packing list:


  • Flat wall sticker*1 piece


Luminous Star Astronaut Wall Sticker

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