Throw the Ultrasonic cleaner into any tub of water and let it quickly and efficiently clean your dishes, clothes, fruits, etc.!


ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - Our Ultrasonic Washer has a minimalistic design that doesn't require a lot of space. A convenient and small dishwashing machine for cleaning the dishes after dinner or cooking. Easily sits on countertops or tabletop requiring less space.


STAIN REMOVING, DEGREASING, EMULSIFICATION, PEELING - Four-stage cycle cleaning, high-frequency vibration cavitation, and high-pressure waves, accelerate the dispersion and emulsification and peeling of liquids and stains to achieve cleanliness.


USB POWER SUPPLY - Our Ultrasonic Washer is recharged via USB and can be connected to your mobile device.


WATER CONSERVATION - Save gallons of water by reducing the need for constant flowing water. Simply fill up a tub, place the washer, and let it go to work.


The product has a 30-minute quick wash mode, so you can wash clothes frequently without stress. It also adopts ultrasonic technology, which can deeply clean clothes and easily lyse bacteria in water. 



  • Power supply method: USB
  • Rated voltage: DC 10V
  • Rated power: 6W
  • Main material: ABS
  • Input voltage: DC 5V
  • Input current: 3A
  • Power supply method: USB
  • Forward and reverse loading/: 200 rpm
  • Turbo working time: 5 minutes switch
  • Forward rotation time: 15 seconds, reverse loading time: 15 seconds.

Mini Portable Ultrasonic Dish Washer

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